Sunday, August 23, 2015

She In Shine Out

            Hello everyone! I will simply mention about the promotion that shin offers to you all. It is only available until 31th August. Also you can use the codes A Fashion Feast prepared for you guys, while enjoying shopping. I think you all should not miss it! So check out the latest promotions and have a good day! 
            Love you guys! xx

                   Thank You,My Sheiners!

Here Is A Fashion Feast Prepared For You!

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dyed hair don't care.

Hello cuties! Now I am back to Izmir since my uni has already started. So, I hope I can find enough time to blogging. Here are the shots taken before I left Marmaris. I think this was the last time that I could wear skirt without socks as the weather is getting colder. (Damn!) By the way my hair has turned baby blue or something that I did not mean to dye. I believe it is because of the hair conditioner whose colour is yellow. - It has to be white for silver hair. - But, I know it is going to fade and turn silver/lilac again! (Yay!) Anyway, I wish  I will post soon. See you!

Skater Skirt & BackpackCHOIES
Crop TopASOS
Sneakers: Nike Air Max
Moon Choker Necklace: Made by me

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Hello bbyz!

As we are in the last days of summer, I think kimono is well with the shorts especially when you wear it with a crop top. Moreover the backpack has been my preferred bags lately, so, the outfit is one of my faves right now. Although I am not sure if the sandals are ok, since I am not the kind of  girl who always wears them. Anyway, at least I like this time.^^ I hope you like too. Thanks for reading.

Stay Tuned.


Kimono from Sheinside
Backpack from CHOIES
Crop Top from CHOIES
High Waisted Shorts from CHOIES
(I cannot give the link for the sandals since I got them in Turkey.)

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hound of Love

Hello bbyz!
It is quick shots I know, because I am very busy these days. But I wanted to have photos wearing my sammy icon socks as I have a collaboration with them! And I can say that they are beautiful since I love wearing socks especially with shorts or even pants ^^
So if you want to buy from them, and have a problem with how to do, please contact me. I would like to help^^
Stay tuned!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sheinside Labour Day Promotion

As the summer is about to end, you guys need new clothes I believe. So, I think you will be happy about this promotion. -Sheinside provides you to take advantage of it-
Here is the banner that you can reach the website.

Step into your Sheinside "DAY"

Save 20% off labor day Savings with $50 Purchase

Code: labor20 Ends:Sep/8

Hurry up to start your new purchase on Sheinside!!!

UNIQSO: Circle Lenses

Hello guys!

Today, I want to talk about the circle lenses as you may not know about them. As I have just ordered mine, I cannot show how they look upon me. Yet, I researched on instagram/tumblr etc. and they look pretty - I hope they will suit on me ^^ - While I was looking for them, I came across a website which sells them for cheaper price (you may think that if they are cheap, so are they dangerous?) I think NO! Not really if you follow the guides properly.
Anyway, the website is: UNIQSO 
I guess you can reach the whole information on it, and I believe you guys want to have a pair of them-at least- 
Btw, when my order has received, I will post them.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Who's the lady in lace?

Lace dress CHOIES
Chunky Sandals ALISONSMAN

A very ordinary outfit but I thought the dress should be worn simple because of lace. So, with the chunky sandals it can be perfect. I think, anyone, who wants to let the dress speak for itself, should not deck herself out in jewelry. Hopefully, you guys think as I do.