Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hello Guys,
To be honest, I thought at first okay I would put my photos with orange hair, then changed my mind, because I'm going to do it later with my other hair colors. So, this time I will download my clothes again. ^^

I love this wallpaper. Unfortunately, when my cat is bored, she scratches it.

Here is a guilty, but I cannot angry with her. =^.^=

Clock ♥ watch on Ebay.

I had my sparrow tattoo made in August 2012.

Leather Bag from ZARA.

Bracelet from Turkey.

Sparrow Earring from Accessories.

I forgot to take a picture for my shoes with these clothes, but I took later.

From Turkey.

Thanks for reading! xx


Hello Guys,
I want to share my photos that taken by my sister again.

Meanwhile, I have found my photos in which my hair is orange *yay*. And after this, I will put them on my blog :*

Even though I really love my peep toe wedges, unfortunately I cannot wear them alot due to its length. Since, the roads do not allow you to walk with these lovely heels in Turkey. Darn! Yet, I can wear them for special days -_-'' I bought them on internet. $90.

Fake Ring bought from Claire's.

Bag from Mango.

From Koton.

Ah Yes!! By the way


Thanks for reading! xx

It was a normal summer day for photo shooting by my sis

Hello Guys,

I know photos which I am gunna upload are not new. Yet, I want to share. They were taken by my sister.

So, Let's start ^^

As you can see my hair was orange. Haha I think you can not see because it faded. Okay, I will show my orange hair later, if I can find my photos. Anyway...

They are my lovely studded creepers. I bought them on internet, unfortunately I cannot remember where I found. They are $70. I think you can also find them on internet, or wherever you live. By the way, I love lace white socks even if some people think that they are childish or sth like that.

My rings are one of my fave things. And here is my heart finger tattoo ^^

Owl Necklace $10
If you have any question, you can ask me. Thanks for reading! xx

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Me, Myself

Hello Guys,

This is the first blog that I want to create. So, first of all I will introduce myself and my other things which I cannot be without them. Nevermind...

Born in Turkey, 17.08.1993. / English Language and Literature Student. 

I am a cat lover, and have three Persian Cats.

Right now, my hair is silver/lilac and I hope I can endure. If you are interested with silver hair, I used white toner which is called La Riche Directions White toner on my bleached hair.

At first , it worked, but then although I had been using silver shampoo, it faded too fast.

Therefore, I decided to go with silver toner.

First, I deluded it with silver shampoo. I use John Frieda.

By the way, you can see Lee Stafford Hair Treatment. I have started to use it recently, because I was using John Frieda Repair which I will buy again if Lee Stafford does not work.

Since I mixed silver toner with shampoo, my hair colour did not change so much. That's why I applied only toner, and then washed with silver shampoo&conditioner. Also, I wear hair extensions, so I did not forget to dye them.

And the result is: 

If you have any questions, you can ask me. Thanks for reading! xx