Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Me, Myself

Hello Guys,

This is the first blog that I want to create. So, first of all I will introduce myself and my other things which I cannot be without them. Nevermind...

Born in Turkey, 17.08.1993. / English Language and Literature Student. 

I am a cat lover, and have three Persian Cats.

Right now, my hair is silver/lilac and I hope I can endure. If you are interested with silver hair, I used white toner which is called La Riche Directions White toner on my bleached hair.

At first , it worked, but then although I had been using silver shampoo, it faded too fast.

Therefore, I decided to go with silver toner.

First, I deluded it with silver shampoo. I use John Frieda.

By the way, you can see Lee Stafford Hair Treatment. I have started to use it recently, because I was using John Frieda Repair which I will buy again if Lee Stafford does not work.

Since I mixed silver toner with shampoo, my hair colour did not change so much. That's why I applied only toner, and then washed with silver shampoo&conditioner. Also, I wear hair extensions, so I did not forget to dye them.

And the result is: 

If you have any questions, you can ask me. Thanks for reading! xx

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