Sunday, December 1, 2013

2nd Haul

Hello everyone! First of all, I know it is a late haul blog because I had to study or could not have enough time to blog. That's why I have not taken any photos of mine. Yet I hope one day hah! Anyway, I will shut up and am going to talk about my stuffs very briefly. If you have any questions about buying these stuffs on their website, go ask me. 

Since I deeply love my other knit handbands, I think that I should have a maroon one. So my grandma knitted yay!

Blue Hill Beach Print Unisex Sweatshirt from SHEINSIDE

bought them from Turkey. Sorry, I cannot put the link.

Disco Pants from americanapparel
I should mention that if you are interested to buy disco pants, check out the size chart carefully. I did not, thus bought Medium and I cannot wear because they do not fit -too big for me-. How stupid I am!! I should have bought Small.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid from jdsports

lion statement necklace from ebay

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  1. would love to see you wearing those white air force one pair.