Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Every girl should have a black dress.

Hi everyone!! Today I am going to blog my photos from yesterday. I could not upload them because I was busy with a 'holiday thing.' To be honest, this is not a holiday that you may think about. In Turkey we have religious holidays. This one is called 'Kurban Bayramı'. Also after I have finished blogging, I will go out with my sister to buy some stuffs for me, maybe a guineapig. Since my sister is a huge animal lover we adopt a lot of pets. Then I am going to meet my friend whom I have not seen for a while. Ok now, I have to go. Hope you like my photos. Love you all! xx

Creepers from Deichmann

I wanted to make one of my photo look like grunge. That's why made it black & white, and added a quote that is suitable with my photo-maybe with my face haha!- I think.

Thanks for reading!

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