Monday, October 14, 2013

Welcome, Beanie Weather!

Hello guys!  As you already know it is time to wear your beanies (yay!) To be honest, what I like the most in winter is that you can put on them whenever you want, and I really need them because of the rain, hah! Also, I should buy this:

I think you should too haha! We all know everyone has a 'bad hair day'. eww!

Anyway, today I'm wearing my 'Obey' beanie from thegiantpeach

-If you do not know my cat, let me introduce her to you, my 'Princess'.-

Although it is too hard to walk with Harley Davidson boots,I think, I love wearing them due to their style that give you to look more like mannish!

Beanie and they make a Better Weather! So what do you think?

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