Tuesday, September 22, 2015

How to Get Silver/Lilac Hair at Home

Hello guys!
As you already know I have been dyed my hair silver for at least 3,5 years. And in Turkey where I live, most people wants to get silver hair just like me, and they have asked about how to get it. Btw silver hair is recently popular in Turkey. That's why I decided to give some advice to you who always ask to me, esp. have dark hair as me.

First of all:
If you have to bleach your hair, -I think you do, even if you are blonde (I'm talking about the Turkish girls. If you are not one of them and you are blonde, you may not need to bleach your hair or you should bleach your hair with 20 volume. *Btw, I'm in no way a professional.) Anyway, what I use for bleaching:
-Loreal Platifiz Precision

-Loreal Cream Peroxide (I use 30 volume and suggest you to do same. Since 40 volume is going to damage your hair whichever products you use for hair treatment. I know that 30 volume is not enough to achieve lightest yellow/ash for silver hair. To get white bleached hair, you can re-bleach your hair after 3 days or If you do not have enough time to wait, you should use silver toner or shampoo. To be honest, If i have to dye my hair just after bleaching, I use both of them. Yet the result is not what I want. There is still yellowish/orange/doré on top of my head. So, if you want a perfect result, please be patient and bleach your hair again after your first bleach. *That is important to be patient and not to bleach twice in one day unless you do not wish to be bald. Because, getting silver hair is not so easy.)
-For silver shampoo -I use most of them and not so happy with the result.- That's why I have been using Loreal Silver Shampoo for 2,5 years.

On this bottle, it says you should wait for 3-5 mins or sth like that. But staying with silver shampoo on your head much longer than offered is much better. Of course after you rinse your hair, you should use hair conditioner to give your hair enough oil etc.

After you apply these 3 steps and you are happy with your hair which I am never, you simply use your hair treatment products. But if you are not, just like me, you should dye your bleached hair with silver toner. I know everyone says that use 'silver toner' after bleaching as I did, but I would like to inform you not to use silver toner! Yes, it sounds ridiculous. But please let me tell you why! It is because even if you bleach your hair and use silver shampoo, it won't work on you. As you may know, purple or blue is the color you should use to rid of the orange brassy tones on your roots. ( If you search for it, you will realize that purple/blue is contrary to yellow.) Thus, you should apply *lilac/pale blue toner. It is recommended that while using hair toner, you should wait 15-20 minutes, but I wait much longer at least half an hour. By the way (I know I write too much BY THE WAY but as I told you earlier I am giving tips), applying lilac/blue toner is not going to make your hair pastel silver. So before you do, please mix your toner with hair conditioner...
I use both Manic Panic and La Riche Directions. (They are semi-permanent dyes.)
What I have:
-Manic Panic: Lie Locks, Ultra Violet. But I'm going to try Blue Steel.
-La Riche Directions: Silver, Lilac, Purple.
Some tips about having pastel hair:
Please use white hair conditioner. Because colorful conditioner makes your hair greenish.
After bleaching and shampooing, if your roots are still orange, apply lilac toner directly on your roots then blend with the white hair conditioner and dye rest of your hair.
About mixing toner with the conditioner, I mix 2 teaspoons Lie Locks + 2 tablespoons Silver and hair container or 1 tablesp. Ultra Violet + 3 teaspoons Silver + 1 teasp. Lilac&Purple. !!! Sometimes my hair turns greenish because of the fact that I forget about measuring. So if you put your hair conditioner first and then put your toner while whisking after each toner till you get the desired color, you will be happier. Unless you do not forget the fact that your hair is not going to be the same color as the color in the bowl. That's the true story. I'm sorry about it. Yet, there is another story is that the Silver Shampoo in the toning process gives your hair ultra silver and lilac effect! Yes, I know someone may say that but it is a shampoo but before think about it. If it reduces yellow tones and neutralizes brassy tones, so why doesn't it revive the shine of grey and silver hair? As this products does what it says on the bottle: it tones down the blondness of grey hair. So toning your hair with hair toner&conditioner mixture AND silver shampoo makes your hair pastel silver/lilac. *If you do not wish for lilac please apply the shampoo just before you wash your hair and wait for 3-5 mins. Because the longer you wait, the more lilac hair you get. 
About using the silver shampoo in the shower after you get the silver hair: Please do not use it daily. Even if some says it does not make your hair dry. Yes, it does make! I know you do not want it to fade away quickly. That is why you are going to use it everyday and after shower, you will use hair products to moisturize your hair. But don't! Instead, I recommend what I do: *mix the silver shampoo with a *normal *white shampoo -no other colorful shampoos- and then wait 10 mins. in the shower and then do regular hair treatment. And try to use the silver shampoo 3 times a week. So, have silver hair till bleaching your roots.

I think that is enough for me right now as I have to go. To be honest, I am going to bleach my roots.
If anyone has questions, do not hesitate and just ask me! I'm here to help you to please with your silver hair. Take care!

Kisses from Tuğçe.

(To have the items I've mentioned: -if you live in Turkey-)
Loreal Products
Manic Panic
La Riche Directions


  1. Hi I'm English and in Turkey for 3 weeks holiday. I couldn't bring my purple shampoo as it's too big. My roots are going yellow and the whiteness in my hair is going. What product can i go buy in a hairdressers to make it white/silver while I'm here. What toner and what shampoo can i get. I'm in Ovacik olu deniz not far from Fethiye. Please help me x

  2. In actual fact I want my hair exactly your color. It's already bleached so what toner and what purple shampoo can i but? Also I do like the lilac colour