Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Filthy Minds Co.

Hello Guys!

As you all may already know that I am too busy, because i have been trying to create an independent clothing brand '' Filthy Minds Co. '' from my other accs. That is why I have not post anything on my blog for a long time. Sorry about that! oops, I always do that.
But today, I would like to post something about our (i mean my shoulmate & i ) brand.
First of all I want to say that this decision about creating a brand is not new for me to be honest. When I was in high school, I always dreamed of it! (Yup, that is the truth!) And hence I have been struggling to achieve my dream for at least 5 months. At last, I have done this. -not finished yet, but it is going to!-
With my ambition and my husband's passion, we are dealing with the production process now. If you already follow my Instagram, Facebook accounts, you see the designs. If don't, do not be sorry I will share the designs for you guys yay* By the way I want to tell something about the designs: At least for 4 months, we were trying to draw some designs which are on our minds, but we failed. So, I decided to draw them to someone, who is not in Turkey. Since, in Turkey where I live no one did not give attention to our wish. I know it is too weird. Never mind, I do not care! Finally, I found someone from Indonesia, and he really did it in about 8 days. It is also weird and funny for me. Because whomever I met in Turkey, they said they would finish the sketched in a month and did not. Julian Akbar, our designer, completed it in almost one week. And we love the designs he made. Thus, I would like to share them with happiness.

and our Logo:

I hope you will love them too!

While we are trying to finish the production of the first collection, I am also dealing with the other issues as accounts, announcements, website etc. and ofc with my other store, on which I sell the handmade items (you can reach them at Etsy). 
By the way, please do not forget to follow us on Instagram, and like us on Facebook.
Moreover, I will announce when our website is open!

For more info, feel free to contact me @:

We'll keep you updated, so stay tuned!

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