Friday, May 20, 2016

Sammy Dress

Hi dolls! It's me again!
I thought I would write this post tomorrow, but I could not keep calm and just wanted to share an online store I have found recently to you guys!

This site has lots of stuffs for you, your boyfriend, or your home. You can find whatever you want on Sammy Dress and the prices is affordable.
When I was glancing, I came across what I want! and as I'm a new member, I got a coupon code -when you sign up, you will get too!- Moreover after filling your information, you will get S points which give discounts for you to use in your payment. So, I've bought this shoulder bag with string and tassels. Sorry babes, I needed it! But there are so many bags as well that you can match with your style.

Stylish Women's Shoulder Bag With String and Tassels Design

And I think you should check it too.

The more stuffs you buy, the more points you will get. And also when you share your look, you can get cash too! What a great idea ^^

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