Thursday, September 1, 2016

Gift Box from Sammy Dress

Hi everyone^^
I know it's been a long time we haven't seen each other! Sorry for this again...
I'm trying to keep up with all things that I have to deal with, that's why I rarely have enough time to blog. Anyway...

I should have post it before, but again as I said at this moment, I have no timee... So, today is the day for writing about my gift from Sammy Dress, the international shopping site you may already familiar with.

And of course I will also make a honest review for their website and items...

For those who don't know about Sammy Dress: This site is a wholesale supplier of latest Men’s and Women’s clothing, shoes, bags and other accessories. All their items are of latest fashion and design but cheaply priced. The $10, $15 items are also very impressive.

Here is my lovely items sent by Team Sammydress, thanks a lot for giving me a chance to experience with their site. 

I love every item I got. 

Especially the Milk T-shirt is so cute and fits perfect, I ordered Small.

But this one is my favorite. Although I thought the bag isn't big enough for me as I love big bags, yet believe me this bag is my savior. I can wear it whenever I take a walk with my Frenchie.

As its inside isn't big so I can find easily whatever I search for -_-

And for its perfect usable it is so cheap. By the way this cross body bag has multiple color. 

And as usual I ordered a choker because I find them cute and this one is layered and has a faux pearl. How cute it is!

To be honest, I was looking for a denim skirt and when I saw this, I thought I must have it. Although I ordered Small, they haven't X-Small, it is big for me. If you are going to buy skirt from their website, please make sure you check the size chart. Even if I did. But I don't care, I can wear it with a belt...

The back of it looks cute. I like the pockets on denim skirts...

By the way, the last thing I want to mention about this skirt, even though this denim skirt is high waisted, it is a lil bit long for me as I love mini skirts. That's why I may cut and design it however I want.

And the last gift is a dress I find it lovely. Especially, I like the pattern.

I ordered X-Small and it is bigger than I think. But it doesn't matter for me, because I love large dresses.

And the spaghetti straps are the best if you are tiny just like me. You can arrange it to your length.

So, in conclusion I can suggest you to have an experience with There are so many things you may want to have I bet, and they are so affordable. I believe you won't be disappointed. Because the prices for each are so cheap when you think about their cuteness. 

I hope you guys find this review helpful. Thank you for your time and big thanks to Sammydress for sending me them!

Have a nice day!


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